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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or a VA is someone who remotely provides administrative, technical and creative support services. Someone who is highly-skilled capable of multi-tasking. Similar to other jobs, a VA needs to stay motivated and driven to learn in order to be...

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Soft Skills VS Experience: Are you the right fit?

Among the hundreds or maybe thousands of applications, you may have been chosen because of the extensive experience that you have had.  Do you think that really says something about your professional brand? Definitely yes.  However, among the number of applicants...

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Career Tips: Making a Great First Impression

Think you have ten minutes to make a first impression? Think again. According to science, the first seven seconds in which you meet or talk somebody is when you'll make a "first impression." Receiving a call from a potential employer is a privilege. Why? Because you...

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Resume Writing 101: The Outstanding Format

Your resume is the employer’s way to initially determine who they want to hire.    It serves as the job seeker’s marketing tool and that why it is essential to present it well. Even if you have had great career milestones, or accomplishments in the companies that you...

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Career Tips: How to Ace Your Video Interview

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that most candidates are terrible at video interviews. The bad news is that you’re likely in the same boat — but not for long as we bring you an in-depth guide for preparing for your next video interview....

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Career Tips: Missing an Interview

Unavoidable circumstances can happen when you have made a commitment to attend your interview. So what do you do if there is such one? Do I just reschedule or do I just show-up though I will be running late? Can’t decide? Then take note of these tips. Notify the...

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Why Work From Home

The growth of technology made it possible to remotely employ people across all countries.  Hence, making the virtual job market more popular nowadays.  As its popularity increases, most are becoming curious about starting a career from home even when they are already...

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