Your resume is the employer’s way to initially determine who they want to hire.    It serves as the job seeker’s marketing tool and that why it is essential to present it well.

Even if you have had great career milestones, or accomplishments in the companies that you have worked for but your resume was not written well, you might miss an opportunity to discuss your qualifications to the Hiring Team. So, how do you make your resume pop among the thousands of files that recruiters have.  You have to understand first why you need a resume.

The resume projects a summary of your professional brand – skills, experiences, professionalism and education.  When I say summary, employers don’t need a lengthy resume with unnecessary details.  Make it 2-3 pages at most if you have a lot of career highlights and skills.   You also need to tailor the content of your resume to ensure that you meet every requirement of the job you are applying for.  Change the career objectives, the skills you have and the highlights of your experiences. Using relevant keywords is also a good move.  Now, let’s have a brief rundown of the important things that you need to include in your marketing tool.

Contact Details

Make sure to include your name, working contact numbers, email address, and Skype ID.  Avoid putting the contact details in the cover letter or in the header and footer of your resume.

Career Objective

Say something about the kind of job that you are looking for. Give at least one or two objectives.  Make sure that it is relevant to the position you are applying for, to your skills, education and work experiences.

Career Summary/Skills and Strengths

List down at least 10 key skills and strengths that you think will be helpful in your application.  Consider the jobs and trainings or certifications you’ve had.  This part is a summary of your qualifications.  Try phrases like –   have done events management, 10 years in the BPO industry providing customer support to mobile subscribers, or T3 certified.  If the position you are applying for requires specific technical skills.  You can label this part as Technical skills and strengths.


Indicate the degree you have earned in college and any masters you have completed.  You can include the academic awards you have been awarded for.  Yes, only academic awards.  Being the most behave or most generous in class will not put much weight.

Career Highlights/Employment History

Start from the most recent one when writing your employment history.   Make sure to indicate your employment dates on the companies you have worked for.  List down your job responsibilities, then include initiatives, projects and achievements that you have had in each company.

Character References

List down at least 3 people with their contact numbers preferably previous supervisors whom you have worked closely with.   You can also indicate that it is available upon request if you lack space.

Now that your professional branding tool is ready. It is time to ace the interviews and create a great impression.