REVA GLOBAL chooses to wield the power of gender lenses and essences. We consciously and seriously foster safe spaces and create sustainable empowerment initiatives for the women in our workforce.

We are taking the lead in the virtual assistance industry to have this agenda as a business strategy rather than an issue addressed only by an HR executive.

Time and again, our reports show that women are as important as men in our continuous success — but we also acknowledge that MORE should be done in assimilating gender equality and enabling our female virtual professionals to be at their best.

We are here not only to reinforce our culture amongst the REVA Global LLC members, but also to encourage and impact other companies (regardless of the industry)— that the business model should include and elevate the statuses of the undervalued, the underrepresented, the underpaid, and the unrecognized.

We are just getting started. We dream big and will do things on a greater scale for our entire REVA Global family — with an emphasis on giving both women and men, a “place” in the world.