A Virtual Assistant or a VA is someone who remotely provides administrative, technical and creative support services. Someone who is highly-skilled capable of multi-tasking. Similar to other jobs, a VA needs to stay motivated and driven to learn in order to be successful.

We decided to compile some general tasks that a Virtual Assistant do which might be helpful in taking your step towards a work from home career.  Take note that tasks vary depending on the client that a VA works with.

Administrative Support and Personal Assistant

This includes taking calls, answering emails or anything similar, different levels of customer service, research and data entry.   Sometimes recruitment side falls under this category but not often.  Also,   as someone who provides administrative support and assistance, a VA is  expected to be the point of contact of the team and handle logistics like scheduling meetings and travel arrangements.

Sales and Marketing

This is a bit of self-explanatory, anything related to marketing and sales will fall under this roof such as but not limited to managing blogs and social media accounts, sales presentations, driving site traffic, client prospecting and finding potential customers.


This is more on the professional support side.  Clients seek for industry related advice and guidance.   They find experts on certain fields in order to help them operate their business – like payroll and accounting services, project management, human resources and training and many more.

IT Support

Technical support includes website development, managing computer hardware, servers and network.

This list may look short.  The truth is Virtual Assistants are expected to handle all types of projects.  That is what they are – flexible, driven, has the love for learning, and a multi-tasker.

Cheers to all the VAs out there!