REVA GLOBAL prides itself on being a premier virtual assistant company. It strategically liaises between its clients and VAs as it anchors on the guiding principle of making a win-win situation for everyone.

We pair up our clients with top-notch VAs who are fully trained as collaborators. We have mastered client-to-VA matching that results in satisfaction and beyond.

We continuously learn and accordingly calibrate. We move from rhetoric to action. We always act based on our values that strengthen our guiding principle. After all, business is not just business for us.

GREAT PLACE TO WORK: Walking the Talk

To say that REVA Global is an extension of one’s home is an understatement.

The vision of addressing the pain points of a target market in the US whilst giving Filipino talents the value that they deserve took years to materialize. And finally, in 2018, REVA connected the two across the globe.

It was founded on the dynamics of a family whose members willingly integrate ethics, integrity, loyalty, trust, and servant leadership into a common goal.

Such have made REVA not only an extension of one’s home, but a family that both our clients and VAs can call their own.