REVA Global has established itself as an exemplary leader in telling, explaining, and demonstrating how the VA enterprise should be done.

But business is not just business for REVA Global.

We work as close-knit, treating everyone like a family member as we reach a common goal with the might and main of an effective team.

It’s the perfect dynamics of a family and a team. We have the heart and the mind to strategically go after our deliverables while caring for every REVA Global member.

Borrowing our Managing Director’s — George Cortes’, words — the core of REVA Global is its people, the whole REVA-nation.

At REVA Global— work is not just “work”. We are able to create and find meaning. We build meaningful connections. We collectively make an impact in each one’s life. And we persevere — because we are consequently inspired.

We are at the forefront of doing the virtual assistant business because of every REVA Global professional that makes it possible.

Emphasizing what our CEO of the Real Estate Division — Bob Lachance, shared during our Grand Ball, the great leader inspires…

This is only the beginning. The best is yet to come as we continue to INSPIRE others — even beyond the VA field.