The growth of technology made it possible to remotely employ people across all countries.  Hence, making the virtual job market more popular nowadays.  As its popularity increases, most are becoming curious about starting a career from home even when they are already at the peak of the corporate ladder.   Let us give you a few reasons that make most people decide to work from home.

More flexible schedule

Work schedule is more flexible when you work from home because you can adjust it according to your personal needs.  You have control over your break schedule – either you take a nap or run a quick errand.  You are more productive because you get to meet work demands and accomplish errands without taking a day off.

More time with family

You get a stable income while you spend more time with your kids and your spouse.  Spending more time with your partner creates stronger connection. At the same time, intentionally investing your time with your kids gives you more chances of building a better relationship with them.  Thus, providing you the opportunity to model the values that you wanted to instill.

Saves travel time

The travel time you have spent on traffic could have been spent on other important things.  The best of all, no morning rush! You get to chill and relax before you go online. However, you won’t save much on travel expense. This will compensate the other bills that will incur once you start working from home, like good internet plan and electric consumption.  But at least, you have saved yourself from the hassle of commuting.

More comfortable work attire

One of the perks of working from home is the freedom to wear comfortable clothes while working. Your clothing allowance is another part of your expenses that could be saved.  However, there might be times when dressing up is still required depending on the nature of your job.   You don’t want to be in pajamas during client video calls, do you? But personally, I still feel the need to casually dress-up sometimes because it helps me accomplish more, and gives me the mindset that I do an office job.

Independence and Competence

You start learning new things on your own when you start as an Independent Contractor.  You acquire new skills that you had never done in your previous employment, then you grow and become more competent in the job market.

Working from home provides professional development without setting aside the relationships that matter in our lives. Its’ ultimate goal is work-life balance, hence, contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Are you convinced? I hope.