Unavoidable circumstances can happen when you have made a commitment to attend your interview. So what do you do if there is such one? Do I just reschedule or do I just show-up though I will be running late? Can’t decide? Then take note of these tips.

Notify the Interviewer

Sending your notice at least few hours before the schedule will give you a bigger chance of getting another schedule, rather than calling the following day or few minutes after.   Coordinate directly with the person whom you have been communicating with.   Although, sending SMS or an email is an option, it is best to call your point of contact.  Remember, you are creating a great impression so do not show-up late without sending a notice, or as if there is no issue.  Interviewers are considerate for valid reasons.


Show your sincerest apology.  Missing an interview is a red flag for employers so don’t treat the situation lightly.  Assume responsibility and express your regret.  Acknowledge the major inconvenience you have brought.  Explain briefly the reason for missing the agreed schedule but do not make excuses.

Request for a reschedule

If you think you’ll be running late.  Contacting the interviewer will give you an answer whether they will make schedule adjustments.  However, do not sound like you are requesting the Hiring Team to adjust to your schedule.  Let them propose the schedule.  If you don’t get a reply when you sent your SMS, better not show-up.   Chances are the Hiring Team can no longer accommodate you on that same day.  What matters is, you have sent them a notice.

Make sure to send an apology email

Time management skills is one of the soft skills that Hiring Managers look for.  Showing up late or not being able to show-up is a deal breaker. However, you still have a chance. How? It depends on how you will handle the situation.  State in the email that you are very much interested in the role and you value having another chance.  Show gratitude for their time and consideration.

Learn from it

If the interviewer never replied after you have sent a notice, move forward.  However, never miss an interview again.  Anticipate delays and make sure to make adjustments.

Interviewers can only accommodate limited number of applicants on a daily basis. Therefore, do not waste the interview schedule given to you.  Remember that reaching the interview stages is only a privilege.  Having that mind set will help you remain with a humble heart during the screening process and will also help you realize the importance of your commitment to the Hiring Team.