Among the hundreds or maybe thousands of applications, you may have been chosen because of the extensive experience that you have had.  Do you think that really says something about your professional brand?

Definitely, yes.  However, among the number of applicants chosen to proceed with the pre-screening interview, someone stands out not because of their work experience, but because of their soft skills.

Soft skills are skills that enable someone to work effectively. These make someone perform and communicate well with teams and clients. Such define the foundation for emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Though most interviews focus on work experiences or hard skills, hiring managers are more interested in soft skills.

Never miss out to present your soft skills during interviews. They make you a cut above the rest.

There are two ways to highlight your soft skills — describing yourself and presenting proof of claims.


Interviewers often ask how you would describe yourself. Some may directly ask you to market your strengths and shed a light on your weaknesses.

These questions are just some of the ques that allow you to highlight your soft skills.

It helps to make an inventory of your soft skills before your interview. For a start, you can try responding to the title above — describe yourself. Take it from here and uncover your yet-to-be-discovered soft skills.


We consider proof of claims when deciding to purchase a product.  It is the same thing when a Hiring Manager chooses the right fit for the company.

The skills that you are claiming must be backed by strong attestations.

Provide examples like specific initiatives, projects, and work situations. When we say specific — they have to be relevant to what exactly the company is looking for.

A lot of candidates tend to forget that more than their expertise, it’s their soft skills that they should bring to the table. Hiring managers know well that hard skills can be taught when someone has the right soft skills to acquire the former.