Among the hundreds or maybe thousands of applications, you may have been chosen because of the extensive experience that you have had.  Do you think that really says something about your professional brand?

Definitely yes.  However, among the number of applicants chosen to proceed with the pre-screening interview, someone will stand out not because of qualities and expertise, but because of soft skills.

Soft skills are skills that enable someone to work effectively and to perform and communicate well with teams or clients. It defines your whole work ability.  In the contrary, hard skills are your work experiences and define your expertise. Though most interviews, focus on work experiences, the Hiring Manager is in fact more interested in soft skills. Never miss out to present them during interviews.  Trust me! You have the possibility of standing out. Yet, you don’t just run down on it so we are giving you two ways to highlight your soft skills.


A common question that interviewers ask is can you tell me something about yourself? Or maybe what are your strengths and weaknesses?  These questions are just some of the ques that will allow you to highlight your skills.  It also opens doors to show what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates.

The next time you will have your interview, make sure to write down first your soft skills on a sheet of paper.  Take time to make an inventory of them and start answering the mentioned question by enumerating your soft skills.


We consider proof of claims when deciding to purchase a product.  It is the same thing when a Hiring Manager chooses the right fit for the company.   The skills that you are claiming to have must be backed-up. Provide examples like initiatives, projects, situations when a specific soft skill that you are claiming to have played a role in the accomplishment.  This should be followed by making a connection between the importance of your skill and the mission, vision, values and services of the company.

That is why it is also important to do your research. This will enable you to show why they need your skills and what you can bring to their table.

Start with your inventory of your skills, accomplishments you have made, and show the employers what you have got that makes you a potential fit for the job!