If you are thinking about the steps that you need to go through to be one of our Rockstar Virtual Assistants, here is a guide to help you land your dream job.

The moment you send your resume to us, your file becomes one of the hundreds of files in our inbox. Do we even read it? Yes, we do read each resume that we receive daily.

However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a real-time reply from our team. Rest assured that your application is being reviewed and processed.

Our interview process reflects our high standards and is intended to attract the best and the brightest: passionate, talented people who share our commitment to creating the perfect work -life balance.

Every job candidate should have an experience consistent with our company values – delivering exceptional service and being a rockstar at what we do. Without further ado, here’s the stages of our hiring process.

Resume Screening

The first step that we do is we evaluate your resume.  We need to make sure that you meet our job requirements based on your work experience or what is written on your file. Your resume gives us the very first impression.  Therefore, write it well and check grammatical and typographical errors.  Whether you meet the requirements or not, you will definitely receive an email from our team with 24-48 hours.  If we think your previous work experiences are good, you can expect a call from us within 2-3 business days from the time that you have received an acknowledgement or feedback email from our team.

Phone Screening

The second step towards your success is the phone interview.  Yeah, we do phone interviews to make sure that applicants have the first human interaction for a Virtual Job (we are legit!).  Make yourself available for this 5-15-minute call and get a good signal. We need to validate some information and measure how well you can converse.  If you are not available, politely request for a callback according to the Recruiter’s Schedule.

I am sure you have read our tips on making a good impression in interviews. Whether you pass or you fail from our phone interview, our team provides feedback via email. Make it a habit to open your email if you are applying for a home-based job.

Initial Interview

Your third step to your dream job is your first Skype Video Interview.  We call it Initial Interview or First Interview.  Our goal here is to gauge your communication skills and your readiness for the job.    This is your first face-to-face interview. However, interviews at the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you can wear comfortable tops.  We would love to see you at your best during this stage so please come in prepared.

Make sure that you have also read and can follow the instructions that were sent to you.  A computer and a stable internet connection are also essential to go through this interview stage.  Just like the phone interview, whatever the results are, you will receive feedback from us.

Final Interview

Your fourth step to becoming a REIVA Rock Star Virtual Assistant is your second Skype Video Interview or your Final Interview (yes almost there!).  This stage focuses more on your employment history and we have to make sure that you can blend in with our culture.

This stage requires you as well to be in front of your computer and to have a stable internet connection. Also just a friendly reminder from your lovely recruiters, this is another video interview so we want to reiterate on coming in prepared.  What happens next after the interview is done?   Just like the other steps, results from this interview are being sent out via email.

System Check

Your final step is the System Check Stage.  We have seen that you have the potential, so this time we have to check your equipment and internet connection (are they also ready for the role?).

We need to make sure that you meet the System Requirements but if in case you don’t have what we require, don’t lose hope.  All you need is just your willing heart and pockets to invest on the system requirements we need.  Be ready to comply and you will be ready to rock the Virtual Assistant Role.

And just because we love to help you succeed on your application, here is a bonus tip.  Your commitment to attend your scheduled interviews and your etiquette are major factors that can help you all throughout the stages.

Hope you pass all these steps and become part of our family.  Rock and Roll!