We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that most candidates are terrible at video interviews.

The bad news is that you’re likely in the same boat — but not for long as we bring you an in-depth guide for preparing for your next video interview.

Confidently facing a camera is uncomfortable for most. However, the increase in demands of home-based careers paired with technology development makes video interviews a standard recruiting process.  Doing a video interview is similar to doing a face-to-face office-based interview.  Never be comfortable and remember these tips.


First thing to prepare is a strong internet connection.  You don’t want delays, frozen video screens, robotic sound when you do your video interview.  Try a practice interview with a friend to help you check transmission lags or delays.


Make sure to set up your computer in a well-lighted, clean area because you don’t want your camera to catch all the mess in your background.  Try to do a trial run so you can adjust the angle of your camera, ensuring that you only portray what you wanted to be visible on the interviewer’s screen.    A professional looking background shows you have a good job interview etiquette.


Dressing up for a face-to-face interview is just the same when dressing up for a video interview.  Dress appropriately even when you are applying for a home-based job.  A collared-top, well-groomed hair and a light make-up for ladies will make you look professional.  You want to achieve high definition make-up ladies? Feel free to do that you’ll be on video! Just make sure the interviewer won’t be taken a back with the choice of colors that you will putting on your face.


Equipment, background, clothes to wear, all set! What if the interviewer asks you why you like to work for their company?   You don’t want to break the 30-second dead-air rule. You need to study about the company.  Online resources make you inexcusable in educating yourself about their mission, vision, products and services.


Look into the eye, not on the eye of the interviewer but on the eye of the web camera.  I know we have this automatic reflex looking at the screens and checking how we look (Yes, I am guilty!).  We have to master eye contact and resist the urge to do our habits like maybe fixing your hair as if you are alone in front of a mirror.  Do not stare but make it as natural as possible.

The next time you have a scheduled video interview, make sure that you virtually give the employer a glimpse of your professional side.