A Medical Virtual Assistant partners with a medical professional or a health insurance company to ensure that medical records are up to date. You must have strong attention to detail, can confidently converse on the phone with patients or doctors and and you must have BASIC ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS.

  • Data Entry (patient’s personal and medical details)
  • Doing inbound calls for setting up new patient appointments and verifying insurance coverage
  • Doing outbound calls to patients regarding their medical records
  • Must have relevant work experience in an administrative role such as updating and filing records, scheduling appointments and answering calls
  • Has excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Willing to be trained on US medical insurance terminologies, coverage and policies
  • Work experience with an American medical insurance company such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, Kaiser etc… is preferred, but NOT REQUIRED
  • Skillful in Gsuite or Microsoft Office (for data entry tasks)
  • Knowledge in medical terms is an advantage but NOT A REQUIREMENT
  • Licensed medical professionals (nurses, med techs, etc…) and those who graduated from a medical course are MORE THAN WELCOME TO APPLY
  • Must have a working USB type headset (wireless and mobile phone headsets are not allowed)
  • Computer Processor: at least i5 5th Generation or equivalent (for both primary and back-up computers)
  • Computer Memory/RAM: at least 8.00 GB DDR3 (for primary) and at least 4.00 GB DDR3 (for back-up)
  • Computer Operating System: at least MS Windows 10 or MacOS El Capitan
  • Primary Connection: 8 Mbps plan (10mbps and up preferred)
  • Back-up Connection: 5 Mbps
  • Starts at $700/mo – Employment Type: Independent Contractor”
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