So you’ve finally decided to venture into the beauty that is the Work from Home Setup. Being able to just roll out of bed at the sound of your phone alarm, attend to a bit of calisthenics by your bedside to escape your previous drowsy stupor, maybe take a quick shower (or not) and finally report to your deliverables or shift as a Medical Virtual Assistant in a total prep time of about… 20 minutes or less. 

Living the dream. And, in Record Time too. 

Working from home does have its conveniences but it also does bear its challenges. The main culprit of course is the instances of unannounced volume of deliverables and our approach- or rather, misses.

As a previous rookie in the Virtual Healthcare Industry (or the Virtual Assistance Industry in general) I guess we’ve all had our fair share of strain and drain with tasks. Maybe at one point, we forgot to proofread this client email and was left in the backburner for days on end until it was brought up, albeit begrudgingly by our Supervisor due to the onslaught of calls the past few weeks. 

Maybe that new task delegation is taking a toll on your focus and in the hopes of perfecting it, you ended up getting hyper fixated causing a severe backlog. 

Or maybe, just maybe… It’s the anxiety of being introduced to a new work environment. A work environment that again, is as liberating and as invigorating as a salary increase. A work environment that allows you to work at your own pace. 

And who wouldn’t feel a slurry of emotions being in a work environment that allows you to wear lounge pants and fluffy slippers? Our ancestors from the days of yore would be foaming at the mouth to go through how we’re going through in current age. But again, I digress. 

Working from home especially for those who were used to the hustle and bustle of office life can be quite a challenge. From SMEs, Process Trainers and even Support Members being only accessible via chat channels like Slack or even RingCentral to name a few to concerns being attended to with delays thus blurring the lines of communication and so many more. 

I can assure you though that regardless of these challenges, working from Home may seem difficult but like any employment or task delegation, it’s easy to master. 

One tip I’ve learned throughout my 3 years of working from home is that this type of work setup allows you to take control of your delegations. How much can you do within a period of time, the approach, and what to do in between that given timeframe to spice up the workload for variety.

For example; Portioning your ad hoc tasks (Like Emails or Write ups and the like) to make way for the hard hitting tasks during the shift (Like Phone Calls, Urgent Follow Ups and Reviews) or anything that can (and will) happen in between that requires your immediate attention. 

Focus on what you HAVE to do and save what you CAN do at your earliest convenience.

And again, it may seem like a difficult step and mistakes might happen but as the saying goes: “If you stumble, make it part of the dance.