I could recall the very first time I was offered a Work from Home position with my last employer. The year was 2020 (If I could recall it was probably March) and as an employee for a captioning client whose client-base were the elderly with difficulties of hearing, it was business as usual: KPIs and all

The offer in itself was tempting and of course, new. 

‘Aren’t corporate bigwigs or executives the only people who are allowed to work from home?’ My first thought as I was briefed in a team meeting with my Team Lead and Operations Manager that time. If the current me could travel back in time, I would travel back to this moment and slap myself for this very thought. 

Here was the issue, with no experience of working from home and not even a stable connection installed in our backwater based and dated apartment, I had to resort to using my Phone Data to deliver quality captions to our clientele. What most people or rather, my workmates and even my Team Lead at time would consider a “Handicap”, I considered it a challenge. A good stressor in this new libertarian work setup. 

Days turned to Months and even in its liquidation in mid 2021 (Phone Data throughout mind you…), I could say that Working from Home opened a door to my Work from Home Journey. 

“I could never picture myself working onsite for as long as I live” A common mantra of mine with every Resume or CV sent to future employers on various job sites local and/or even internationally based. (Of course, finally making sure to get that internet service installed for a better chance at landing a full time job quickly.) 

As someone who has dipped their toes in interviews with BPO, KPO or even RPO Companies and their promises of ‘competitive pay’ or even ‘Paid Time Offs’ let alone ‘company benefits’ or all the fancy, shiny bells and whistles any corporation can promise to their front liners, it wouldn’t hurt to ask about the culture of the company, its Core Values, what they stand for and what’s their mission and vision. 

Job Security? A common marketing ploy with most companies too. A ‘fall back plan’ if you will. But the Job Security aspect is paired with so many asterisks, that’s what is being advertised instead. 

***PERMANENT*** Work from home (There goes the Asterisks)? For how long until we’re mandated to report onsite with the hefty traffic, fees for transportation and even necessities like food? 


Career Growth? There is always a Catch 22. But I digress.

I guess it’s time to ask the million dollar question: “What CAN Reva Global Medical do for YOU and your Work from Home Career?” 

A lot. And that’s no understatement. 

For starters, it’s how even in their interview processes, you get introduced to the culture of the company: TEAM, Ethics and Integrity, Compassionate Care and even Service Excellence. 

How collaborative each team member in each department is in assuring steady communication especially in the work from home setup. Which, in itself, is a handicap. 

Or even how each team member in each department attends to their deliverables or responsibilities with full transparency. Not afraid to lay all cards on the table for every triumph or mistakes done. HIPAA aside and all. 

Don’t get me started on the bond each team member has with not just their Superiors or colleagues, but even the Executives and even their clients; A common consensus especially in the BPO industry is that the Executive Team cannot be mingled with unless it’s an ordeal of ‘Life or Death’. With REVA Global Medical, we are literally given a hefty assurance that the company is being run and managed by actual people who know the struggles of the corporate world. The anxieties and all the ugly bits and pieces. 

Especially Job Security. 

Like our sister division, REVA Global, we also strive to give stability to as many Filipinos as possible in their Work from Home career. That includes a fallback plan for Health, Productivity and even Compensation from the start of Training. (For more information, feel free to refer to our (FAQs))

In conclusion of this lengthy monologue, let’s not forget to ask ourselves as we venture to a new career whether onsite or even a permanent work from home setup: “Strip away the gold, the glitters and the fancy marketing… What else can your company offer?