Another thing I’ve learned while working in the comfort of my home (aside from the Lounge Pants and Fluffy Slippers from the previous blog which you can check HERE) is the liberty of creating my own domain for work. My little “home away from home” (…in the comfort of my home) and where all the magic of my Medical Virtual Assistant career happens. 

My Workstation. 

But don’t worry, this entry isn’t going to be about how to decorate your workstation with complementary color combinations of furniture and stationary. You can go to Pinterest or Tumblr for that. Because for this entry, we’re going to discuss how YOU can decorate your workstation to whatever your creative heart desires while adhering to the head honcho of laws in the US Healthcare Scene called “HIPAA” or the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. 

To give a brief overview, It’s a law that applies to most health care practitioners and its regulation, known as the Privacy Rule, sets detailed rules regarding privacy, access, and disclosure of individually identifiable health information, referred to as protected health information. 

As a Healthcare Advocate in the Virtual Assistant Industry (And even in the office setup), aside from attending to Patients and Healthcare Professionals with the best quality of service possible, we would need to do so in strict adherence to all applied laws and regulations. 

Especially something as big as HIPAA or any Data Privacy Act. 

But let’s go back to the elephant of the room: How can we secure our workstation all the while keeping our prized trinkets or collectibles or peripherals in view for that boost of serotonin in this corporate environment? Here’s a list you can refer to check how “breach proof” your workstation is as of current:

  • Is your current workstation by your door or has the screen in plain sight by said door? 
  • Is your current workstation in close proximity to a window? 
  • Is your current workstation in a shared/communal space (Like the living room, Dining Room or even a shared bedroom)?

If all of the above is answered with a “YES”, Your current workstation is prone to a breach and can lead to obvious Data Privacy Violations. Obviously, Not good. You’re looking to be slapped with a possible fine or sanction with this than the continuation of your Work from home escapade. 

But never fret, this hurdle can obviously be crossed by securing our sacred space (without sacrificing the little joys of fruitful labor like your prized collectible). Get yourself that space like a spare room or even a divider (Online Shopping Platforms like Shopee and Lazada have them for about $5-$10 tops). Face that workstation away from the door and window like in an isolated corner by a wall and with this, you have helped not just your client or even the company you represent but possibly the security of your Work from home career for the long run.