A Senior Accounts Manager is responsible for implementing organizational objectives, supporting cross-functional teams, data analysis and forecasting, and coordinating operations with the management and executives.

  • Leads diverse departmental teams including single and multi-vendor management, and coordination and communication across multiple departments and operational areas
  • Improving and innovating operational standards and ensuring that all policy and procedures are followed at all levels; Creates process flows and procedures, and supervises business maintenance
  • Coordinating with functional managers to obtain required input in order to ensure project deliverables and tasks are completed
  • Facilitates communication with client management teams regarding weekly, monthly and yearly data analytics; Conducting business continuity plans with internal partners and clients
  • Manages program cost, schedule, quality, performance, processes, and subcontract activities
  • Generates risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and metrics for measuring success
  • A Bachelor’s Degree is (Required)
  • 5-10 years of experience in similar capacity and role with proven leadership and management experience (Handling off-shore accounts and programs)
  • Proven experience in handling a large-scale operational environment
  • Highly proficient with Microsoft Office Software Programs and G-Suite
  • Highly proficient in the English Language; Highly organized and very keen to details
  • Preferably someone with experience working remotely
  • Having a personal workspace or office with competent computer systems is highly preferred


  • Computer Processor: at least i5 5th Generation or equivalent
  • Computer Memory/RAM: at least 8.00 GB DDR3
  • Computer Operating System: at least MS Windows 10 or macOS El Capitan
  • Headset: Any USB type headset with noise-canceling feature


  • Computer Processor: at least i5 5th Generation or equivalent
  • Computer Memory/RAM: at least 4.00 GB DDR3
  • Headset: Any USB type headset with noise-canceling feature
  • Primary Connection: 8 Mbps plan (10mbps and up preferred)
  • Back-up Connection: 5 Mbps
  • Negotiable – Employment Type: Independent Contractor
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