Generations of Filipino families have been inculcated with the persistent stigma of grandeur career projections involving professionals within our allied healthcare workforce. However, based on firsthand feedback from experienced professionals, this notion is deemed false. 

The recent global pandemic has proven shrouded challenges that may arise when nations are hit with disastrous impediments in our healthcare system. The Philippines being one of its notable victims. Medical professionals across the country have suffered drastically, due to lack of utilities, workforce and preparation. An increasing number of global diaspora and resignations within our local healthcare professionals in the Philippines attributed to even more immense drawbacks.

There were several reasons that have caused this workforce shortage, commonly known reasons are low wages, living conditions and evident health risks. 

It is common knowledge that the healthcare system in the country has not yet embraced digitalization. However, amidst the worrisome misfortunes that struck our nation, a silver lining emanated from most institutions adapting to digital alternatives in healthcare services. To mitigate some of the pressing hurdles, most organizations have resorted to migrating their workforce in safe and remote environments such as their homes. With companies like REVA Global Medical offering opportunities for job seeking medical professionals.

Thankfully so, with our adaptability and proud resilience as a nation, hopes of establishing a productive professional venture conducted virtually has been realized. This has opened doors for many Filipino medical professionals such as nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, etc. to comfortably perform their professional duties within their homes”