Why join reva global

Our Mission is "To help as many Filipinos have a stable work from home career and help better all the lives we touch along the way."

Founded by Bob Lachance, our goal is to find the best Virtual Assistants in the Philippines and train them to provide the highest quality of service. Our network is a gathering place of great minds, loyal perseverance and, exceptional heart. REVA Global is a family first, and we're here for you.


Together Everyone Achieves More. We support our productive teams that share common goals, a common vision and work in an unselfish manner. As a team, we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication, and accountability while recognizing that everyone has their own unique role which is respected and appreciated.

Ethics and Integrity

Integrity is woven into the cultural fabric of REVA Global. Every time we interact with customers and one other, we carry a piece of the company’s reputation with us. Everyday, we strive to maintain the strong tradition of ethics, integrity, and transparency. We follow through on our promises and provide consistent superior results with humility.

Loyalty and Trust

We aren’t just building a company, we are creating authentic friendships…a FAMILY. We will always be loyal to one another and to our customers. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability. We trust each other to deliver on our respective obligations.

Servant Leadership

Lead through the lens of the other person and they will follow and grow, it’s how we think and act. Our leaders do not just give orders, they lead and they serve. A servant leader puts the needs of the team first, increase trust, and build team relationships. 

Be part of the team!

Be part of the team that puts its people first; the team who leads with passion and dedication.